Thursday, May 30, 2013

Work, work, work

We didn’t have any plans for Memorial Day weekend (hooray!!) and we were able to get so much stuff done.  Russ started the day on Saturday by installing some outlets into our outlet-less island. 


I spent my day planting 8 new tomato plants – different heirloom varieties; a black one, a green one, a purple striped one, along with a few that are less exotic.


I can see how why it was a good idea to buy those other tomato plants at Costco—check this out.


My pea plants are loving our cool & rainy spring weather.  Too bad the lettuce & spinach all bolted when we had those warm two weeks… Don’t you love my tomato cages?  They make me happy every time I look at them.


I also unpacked 6 boxes.  That may not sound like much but it took my whole day.


Russ (and various other family members at different times) spent almost all of Memorial day bonding with our friend’s pressure washer.  Our friend was thoughtful enough to bring pressure-washing clothes with his pressure washer.


Awesome, yes?

He started by pressure washing the moss off of all of the rocks, then moved on to washing all of the sidewalks, patio areas, and the driveway, and then finished up with the big kahuna—the pond.  It’s been looking pretty scummy for months and months, so this was his big chance to Clean It Up.  It was a multi-person affair and took a LONG time.



But when they were done it was so beautiful and clean!



  1. I absolutely love that picture of Russ in the pressure washing clothes! Didn't you guys just feel so accomplished by the end of the weekend?! That feeling never gets old (if only my energy would keep up!)

  2. Ha! Dying over Russ the giant banana:). Oh how I wish pressure washing could make the outside of my house look better...sadly, not a whole lot can be done about it- Eric says it's like we live in a communist housing project:). I'll have to get my pressure-washing giggles when I come visit you!

  3. Cindy forgot to mention that it was also raining at the time