Thursday, May 9, 2013

Houston, We have Contact(s)

Jenna has wanted to get contacts for a long time now.  I told her when we were done paying for my unfortunate night in the emergency room we could start working towards contacts.  She’s had them for 2 weeks now and she loves them.  I love them because I love being able to see her eyes more clearly again.

From this:


To this:


To this:


The kids at school think that without the glasses she and Rachel look a lot alike.  I guess I can see it...



And more about Jenna, while I’m talking about her.  First, I went into the living room while she was practicing the piano a little while ago, and this is what I saw.


It’s a little hard to see with her hands in the way, but she has her book in her lap.  She would play for a minute, then read for a minute, then play again.  All I could think was “that’s my girl,” since I know I did that more than once in my life!

The other day we were talking about temple work during school and I asked the kids if they knew what “proxy” meant.  They all looked confused, and then Jenna said “I know, it’s like a ‘proxymoron’!”  I’m still laughing about that one.

Jenna has really blossomed this year into an incredibly diligent child.  She is every mom’s homeschool fantasy—she takes her list of things to be done and just works right through them every day.  She practices the piano with a tenacity that amazes me.  I can’t wait to see who she grows up to be with this kind of drive!


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  1. That was actually what I noticed the first time you posted a pic of her sans glasses - that she and Rachel look a lot alike now!

    And LOL - do you remember the time you came in adn found me trying to practice Hanon exercises while reading at the same time??? I did NOT understand why that was not ok. ;)

    And I am laughing out loud at proxymoron! What is that - a statement you make that is contradictory on behalf of someone else??