Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Oregon Spring part 3

As the pink dogwood trees leafed out toning down their pink beauty I wondered what would come next in the adventure of this first Oregon spring.

And the winner of part 3 is in—rhododendrons.  They are truly everywhere.  I tell everyone that rhododendrons are to Oregon what azaleas are to North Carolina.  In NC, azaleas rule and there are a few rhododendrons.  Here in Oregon it’s the opposite, and (some) people call rhododendrons “rhodies.”  It’s been fun to watch them come into bloom.  One of the earliest was the one in our side yard.  It showed promise in the bud stage,


but the finished result is actually a blah off white color flower that I didn’t enjoy very much.  I think I can pretty much promise you that eventually it will be replaced.  I like the one in our front yard that bloomed a few weeks later.


Right now I think I will try to (eventually) put a dark red one in our yard—there are several around the neighborhood that are just stunning.


Most of the rhodies are in shades of pink or red,


but there is an occasional outlier.


Next year I am also going to try to get some irises.  They are really beautiful here.  Do you suppose it’s considered socially acceptable to ask someone down the street whom I’ve never met if I could have some of their irises?  If I take them a loaf of bread??


It’s been so warm for the last 2 weeks (unseasonably warm—what a delight!)  and there are roses starting to bloom.  Here’s a picture from alongside the freeway in Portland last week.


We’re still a week and a half away from the anniversary of our arrival in Oregon, but I think we’re just about to the same place in the blooming season thanks to the recent warm weather.  That means that the blackberries are starting to bloom alongside the roads (to eat or not to eat???) and the strawberries will be ripening soon.

So there you have it.  Spring in Oregon—which is a long, drawn out, and beautiful experience.


  1. Can you please refer to irises as fleur de lis?? It was my sorority flower, and iris just sounds so inelegant ;).

    Really, really, really missing the blossoms now! What if I never see blossoms again!? Excuse me while I have a moment....

  2. Most people are willing to give iris starts away because they have to be thinned. You might ask them.