Saturday, May 4, 2013

Me: 1 Japanese Maples: 0

Remember this picture from yesterday??


Well, I just spent a couple of hours out in the hot Oregon sun (apparently it does happen occasionally!) trying to tame the Japanese Maple beast. 

Let me back up though.  First I googled “how to prune your Japanese Maple” and spent 15 seconds reading about how in Japan apprentices are required to watch the master prune the trees for 15 years before they ever get to do the pruning.  And about how you can prune them in the winter or the summer.


I went back outside and had my way with those trees.


I hope they don’t die from me pruning them so drastically in the spring.  But I really could NOT help myself.  And if they die I’ll plant something a little less inclined to looking like a massive blob plant.


Yay me!

PS—yes, I know the tree on the right is cut higher than the one on the left.  That’s because I cut off a whole big section that was protruding out in the front…which left it higher, but made me happier.


  1. Beautiful! I like the varying heights!

  2. I think you should have spent 15 years as an apprentice first.

  3. Wow! They don't even look like the same thing!