Friday, May 24, 2013

Oh yes, we did.

Here is a copy of the 9 day forecast from a couple of days ago.  (My screen couldn’t fit the 10 day forecast.)


Yesterday morning (after days of rain) when it was still about 48 degrees outside it was so cold and damp in our house.  I’m usually wearing some kind of jacket, but this time all of the kids were too.  And so I said What The Heck, and Who Cares if it’s May and Jared and I went out in the garage and chopped some wood.  And then after that mostly unsuccessful venture we picked through the wood pile for the smaller pieces and brought them inside where we made this.


Yep, a rip-roaring fire on May 23rd.  We sat in here until we were toasty warm.  It was heavenly. 


And here is some weather-related Jared humor:

Jared asked, “Didn’t we use to go to the pool on Memorial Day?”

I sighed, thinking of years of Memorial Day cook outs that ended sitting at the pool in the sun, and agreed that yes, Memorial Day had always been the beginning our our pool season.

Jared: It’s going to be so much fun to go swimming here…in the rain…


PS—It’s the 5th wettest May in recorded Oregon history.  And that’s saying something, because the first 11 days of May felt like summer.

PPS—Our pond has a leak in it somewhere, and when the water level gets low enough the waterfall stops running.  Which makes me sad since I’ve gotten used to having it running.  I’m happy to say that several inches of rain that have fallen in the last week have replenished the pond and the waterfall is running again…

IMG_5982happy gerbers in the rain…

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  1. The fire makes me happy, because I LOVE my fire. I LOVE the "real" heat that comes from the fire. I may be a little bit of a pyro?

    The flower picture is amazing. Very very beautiful with the water droplets!!!