Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Mother’s Day Recap

Last year I celebrated Mother’s Day from San Diego.  It was a Mother’s Day with a new temple


and our family on Skype from 5 different places.



My, how far we’ve come.  1500 miles.  365 days.  A new place and a new life.

This morning I woke to the lovely smell of breakfast burritos.  Not in bed, because I’m not too fond of eating in bed.  We went to church where Jared gave his first talk in sacrament meeting and did an excellent job.  In relief society I sat by friends, ate lovely treats, and listened to a great lesson.  After church we had lunch and I worked on a slideshow while we waited until it was time to skype with Jason.


Our call with Jason was followed by a good nap and then a skype call with my girlfriends.  Russ made a lovely dinner and then he and the kids cleaned the kitchen.  Really cleaned it.  Then Russ and I finished the day watching the Survivor finale.

What a happy Mother’s Day!


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