Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Blessing Love

When my cousin was pleating the silk for baby Kate’s blessing dress, she wrote on her blog that the dress was for a special baby; one long waited for and worried over.  I think we were all conscious of this on her blessing day, and I felt so much love directed towards Cindy Lynn, Mahon, and precious Kate as so many dear family and friends came together for her blessing on Sunday.  Cindy Lynn still hasn’t gotten pictures of Kate in her dress, but here are some of the pictures from Sunday.

First, Cindy Lynn & Kate with Russ’s parents, Kate’s great grandparents.  Marie’s health is pretty fragile these days so it was a big deal for them to come all the way to Pleasant Grove.  And that’s why they got their picture taken first.


Next, the whole group with the exception of Ken’s parents (who were so sweet to come!) and my brother Ben who left before the picture taking began.  Can you believe the size of this group?  (Maybe this is normal for Utah and I just don’t know that because I never blessed a baby in Utah.)


Here is the picture of the entire Baldwin family—they were only missing Mahon’s sister’s family who are living in Indiana now.  I was very impressed by the dedication of all of the Idaho Baldwins who came all that way!


Next a shot of the happy grandparents.  On the left are Vic & Kathy Baldwin (Kathy=Katherine=Kate, get it?), then behind me on the left is my dad, Kate’s other great grandpa.  (At this point in the picture-taking legs become less important.  Not sure how that happened…)


Happy grandmas who are sure this is the cutest baby ever.


4 generations of Watsons.


With Sean & Katie’s family, who were Cindy Lynn’s family-away-from-home all during college.


And last, the happiest parents in the world.  Seriously.



  1. Awwww. what wonderful family photos! Huge family groups. I hope to have one of those one day. )

  2. That is seriously an impressive group at the baby blessing! And a merited turn out for such a sweet grand baby!