Sunday, May 12, 2013

Happy Mother’s Day to my daughter


A few months ago I was talking to someone how hard our year had been.  As I was talking I felt a need to clarify that while there had been so many difficult things that had happened to our family, there had also been some miraculous things.  I told about Mahon getting a new job in Utah (just at the right time, as it turned out), about Cindy Lynn being able to take this new cutting-edge medication, and about her miraculous pregnancy. 

As I listed everything out it started to be almost absurd—at the same time that we were having this agonizing year, Cindy Lynn and Mahon were having a year filled with miracles.  I looked at my friend and I said, “I know it doesn’t work this way, but if there were only miracles for one or the other, I’m more than happy that they got them.”

Today reinforced that feeling for me.  Earlier I read Cindy Lynn’s post about her first Mother’s Day with Kate.  Then Mahon & Cindy Lynn joined us on our skype call with Elder Jason and got to introduce Jason to his new niece. 


I LOVE watching Cindy Lynn with Kate. 


I love seeing her enjoy every minute of this experience that she has longed for.


Happy Mother’s Day, sweetie.  Your happiness made my day.


  1. :) thank you. It was a wonderful day! As are pretty much all days right now...

  2. It's the bigger picture "thing", because it WAS a really stressful year in your family(which includes CL & Mahon)...but, wow. Look where you are. Trade that for an easier year? Never!