Saturday, May 25, 2013

Pretty Hands

I have to brag for a minute.  When I started teaching Rachel piano lessons several years ago she had the flattest fingers you can imagine.  They were so flat that her fingers curled up at the tips.  I asked Alisyn what to do about it and she showed me some finger exercises that Rachel should do to strengthen her finger muscles.  I told Rachel that she needed to do these exercises for each finger, EVERY time she practiced the piano.  And I kept telling her and telling her.  And telling her.

Last time we had a piano lesson I noticed something shocking.  Rachel’s finger/hand position looked GREAT!  Friday I noticed that again.  Her fingers stayed nicely curved the entire time she was playing.  Things she was familiar with, things that were new and difficult—all with curved fingers.  I was so excited that I grabbed the camera to record this moment.

The first scale was with what she “thought” were flat fingers.  The second scale was with her new and improved fingers.  The third time I got her to really flatten them, but look what happens in the end!  (I think my talking to her messed up her scale pattern, so blame that on me and not one her.)

Without further ado, I present…Rachel’s fingers!


  1. Brava, Rachel! Those fingers are so well trained now!