Thursday, May 9, 2013

My Welcome Home

When I walked in the door last week this is the sight that greeted me.


Oso the bear just sitting there, waiting to say hi.  Don’t you like our entry without the big dark mirrors?  It’s still not painted—just patched and primed, but I went ahead and put up my new picture.  When I saw this picture in the Ikea catalog I knew this was my personal statement, and I have loved having it. 

Also waiting on my camera card were picture of the kids getting ready to go to the 6th grade social, where they ate pizza, enjoyed the dj, and didn’t dance with anyone.  The girls had such fun planning their outfits and spent so long curling their hair (darn that straight hair gene!) and I was sad to miss it all while I was in Utah.


Can you believe they’re so grown up?


  1. It's a new life, isn't it?? They look great...and yes, amazingly grown up!

  2. I LOVE YOUR PICTURE!!!!!!! And the kids look great. We can't wait to come visit this fall!!! I am getting so so so excited. :) I have been making my detailed "survive the airport" plan already even though it's months away...