Friday, March 21, 2014

100 Happy Days: Part 3

Better late than never: here are the last half of my pictures from the 100 happy days challenge. 

100 happy days 55

Day 55 Forsythia for Cynthia
Day 56 My girls with their color guard team after a competition yesterday
Day 57 I found a new fabric store with amazing fabrics!
Day 58 I always appreciate lovely groupings of trees
Day 59 The kids had a band concert
Day 60 This is my favorite—untrimmed & spikey
Day 61 The best shirt for our family ever
Day 62 Today I’m loving having this awesome stove that can boil 4 pots of pasta at once!
Day 63 They asked for bisque for a long time

100 happy days 64

Day 64 A clean hall!!!
Day 65 Catalpa blossoms
Day 66 Jared gets ready for his winter campout
Day 67 Arriving home to find that someone did the dishes!
Day 68 My cute girls on their championship day
Day 69 After days and days of rain, blue sky
Day 70 Signs of spring everywhere
Day 71 He’s back after a week away!
Day 72 I couldn’t resist these flowers

100 happy days8

Day 73 Reminds me of Anne’s “White Way of Delight”
Day 74 The girls’ last color guard performance of the season
Day 75 Finally the bathroom curtains are done
Day 76 I’m so happy one of these bloomed before I left town for 2 weeks!
Day 77 Not usually what you see on the interstate
Day 78 Grandparents
Day 79 Utah cousins
Day 80 Papito and Kate!
Day 81 Time with my baby brother

100 happy days9

Day 82 Fun with Kate
Day 83 Ray family dinner
Day 84 Les Mis & shopping with the girls
Day 85 More piano time with Kate
Day 86 Getting to spend time with our friends on their daughter’s wedding day
Day 87 Happy anniversary!
Day 88 A wedding reception miracle
Day 89 More time together in the car and a mexican feast too
Day 90 Someone took a picture of the tulip fields

100 happy days10

Day 91 So glad some of these were left after the rain
Day 92 A great day to for people who love pink dogwood
Day 93 Jenna comes home after an extra week with Kate
Day 94 Meeting up with my sisters in the LA airport
Day 95 Formal night on the cruise
Day 96 Finally sun in Ensenada, Mexico
Day 97 The cruise is over but we’re still having fun!
Day 98 More tulip beauty
Day 99 Always so happy to come back home to him…

Somewhere along the way I seem to have lost a picture.  But do you know what?  That’s ok by me…  Winking smile

Thursday, March 20, 2014

100 Happy Days: my thoughts and the second 27 days

So I am a little more than halfway through this challenge and I’m feeling some unexpected things about it.  After all—I like taking pictures and I like being happy, right?  So what could be better than to do this for 100 days.  Right?

Except—100 days feels unexpectedly long.  Without a smart phone it requires several pieces of equipment and several steps to go from picture to email.  And do you know what?  Some days, particularly bad pms days, I don’t actually want to look for something that makes me happy.

100 happy days3

  • Day 28—valentine’s outfit for Kate
  • Day 29—hummer in the rain
  • Day 30—my homeschooled boy gets a public school award
  • Day 31—valentine’s day sunset
  • Day 32—I cleaned out the freezer!
  • Day 33—my valentine’s day flowers
  • Day 34—so proud of my wrestler, who doesn’t always win but always keeps on trying
  • Day 35—burnt food art
  • Day 36—a funny way to carry eggs

100 happy days 5

  • Day 37—I am just delighted that a vegetable like this exists
  • Day 38—this sight always makes me happy
  • Day 39—We had the honor today of holding flags at a funeral procession for a local soldier killed in Afghanistan.
  • Day 40—I don’t think I’ve ever seen a contrail’s shadow before
  • Day 41—I’m off on my first winter trip.  Hooray!
  • Day 42—Ladies from all over the country gathered for a book club reunion--complete with a book discussion both nights.  Happy, happy, happy.
  • Day 43—amazing vegas buffet
  • Day 44—after church
  • Day 45—the Vegas strip from the air

100 happy days 6

  • Day 46—beautiful stellar jay on the back fence
  • Day 47—aren’t they cute?
  • Day 48—songbirds singing in the rain
  • Day 49—blue sky in winter!
  • Day 50—a tulip from a thank you boquet
  • Day 51—one of the first signs of spring
  • Day 52—such fun!
  • Day 53—unexpected view of a tulip
  • Day 54—sunrise

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More musical happiness

The kids came home from band last week talking about a solo competition at the end of April.  They were all adamant that they weren’t going to play any solos for anything, but boy did it bring back memories of competitions from my high school days—solos, duets, and ensembles. 

I went online looking for a flute duet the girls might be able to play together, thinking that maybe they would be more willing to do something together.  I found a fun Telemann duet but when Jenna started practicing it it was harder for her than I’d expected.  (Turns out they usually only play in keys with one or two flats in band; this has 4 sharps.)  And so I told her she didn’t need to worry about it.  She decided that she liked it enough to keep working on it during her practice sessions because sometimes she gets bored with the band music. 

This morning one of the girls was practicing and I heard some running feet and the next thing I knew this is what was going on in the living room.  I knew this could be great!

Thursday, March 13, 2014


Last Saturday I was given a bunch of tulips to thank me for teaching a class.  I brought them home and set them on the island even though it was very messy.


These tulips are from a farm about 2 miles up the road and they are supposed to behave differently from tulips you’d buy at the grocery store—including that the stalks can continue to get taller.

I have loved watching the flowers throughout the week.


But this morning when I came in I saw something that startled me.


That last one was totally nekked!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Some things are not meant to be resisted…

Kate on video chat, for instance.  Especially since she now clearly knows what the word “smile” means and shows it to us liberally.


Or this tshirt that I just ordered from Old Navy for Jared.  And one for each of the girls as well, because…I just couldn’t help it.  It just seems tailor made for our family…

1 old navy

Monday, March 10, 2014

One-upmanship at the dinner table

Josh happened to mention at dinner tonight that it has been 8 years since Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter died.  We talked about him for a few minutes and then Josh took exception to something that Rachel had said (no surprise there) and started telling her how much less important she was than Steve Irwin. 

Actually, I interrupted, Rachel is more likely than any of the rest of us to have something named after her.  After all, we already have Rachel Ray knives


and a refrigerated Rachel Ray bag.



Well, Russ interrupted, he has ice cream named after him. 


He has an entire line of stuffed animals named after him.

Cubby the bear Russ Berrie

He has *chocolates* named after him.


Well…sort of named after him…


Then Jared interrupted for his turn.

I, he informed us, have my own jewelry store.


And (and you could tell he knew this was the kicker)


My brother is in the Book of Mormon.


Well how can you top that???


And then just because we were having such a fun dinnertime the kids started singing one of their band songs.  They do this from time to time and I have to think this is one of the best parts of having three kids in the same band.  I bribed them to keep doing it when I got out the camera…

Fun night!!  (Even if dinner was 2 hours late because of daylight savings time!)

And I did eat…


I went to Costco this morning.  I needed the regular things, you know—eggs, cheese, bananas, and milk since we’d been out of milk for over 24 hours.

But when I walked in the front door one of the first things I saw was a big display of spring bulbs.  Beautiful, tempting, and reasonably priced…


I had already been planning that this was the year that I would plant clematis plants to adorn my back fence.  But…it is possible that I don’t need quite this many.

What to do, what to do…

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Binging with the best of them…

I remember when I was in high school and people began to buy VCRs for their homes.  (As opposed to renting them.)  I remember hearing an adult lament about the changes that VCRs had brought—where once it was a special occasion (or a scary one) every Thanksgiving when “The Wizard of Oz” played on tv, now you could see it any time you wanted.  Before it had been a big deal every year at Christmas when “The Sound of Music” was on tv, but now it could be watched any time.

I’ve had those same kind of feelings—nostalgia for the good ole’ days of tv watching before Netflix and dvr.  It bothers me when my kids inhale a tv series at a single gulp, and it bothers me still more when their tv watching is a solitary activity.  (Don’t ask me why I have so many tv issues—I have no idea, I just do.)  We all know that tv is usually not my thing—I have a couple of shows that I watch with Russ, but most of the time tv is far from my default activity. 


At the end of January I went to Utah to help Cindy Lynn when we thought she was going to be in the hospital.  When she didn’t end up getting admitted but was still feeling pretty lousy I decided that I wanted to make a bunch of meals to put into her freezer.  I did the shopping one night and started some of the prep after Cindy Lynn and Mahon went to bed and then did the rest of the cooking the next night after they were in bed.  I needed some distraction to keep me entertained while I was cooking and finally I decided to grab the tablet and find something to watch on Netflix.  After not being able to figure out anything to watch I settled on the first year of a series that Russ had watched without me called “Chuck.”


We had watched the 2nd and 3rd season together and then lost track of it somehow.  I’d always been curious to see how the show had started and figured I could entertain myself this way while I cooked for several hours. 

Since that point I’ve watched Chuck from time to time to motivate myself to get going on dinner when I really didn’t want to and I’ve been surprised at how motivating it’s been.  Tonight I wasn’t done with dinner when the episode ended so I let it keep playing and start the next episode.  The kids all had to grab their dinner and run off to dance festival practice so I just kept watching while I ate alone.  And then while I did a bunch of paperwork I watched a third!  So unlike me!!  And really quite fun.

So there you have it.  I’ve binged on books plenty of times—more than the average person.  And now I’ve finally binged on Netflix.  Such an accomplishment.

Winking smile

PS—I would still way rather watch tv with Russ any day.