Tuesday, March 18, 2014

More musical happiness

The kids came home from band last week talking about a solo competition at the end of April.  They were all adamant that they weren’t going to play any solos for anything, but boy did it bring back memories of competitions from my high school days—solos, duets, and ensembles. 

I went online looking for a flute duet the girls might be able to play together, thinking that maybe they would be more willing to do something together.  I found a fun Telemann duet but when Jenna started practicing it it was harder for her than I’d expected.  (Turns out they usually only play in keys with one or two flats in band; this has 4 sharps.)  And so I told her she didn’t need to worry about it.  She decided that she liked it enough to keep working on it during her practice sessions because sometimes she gets bored with the band music. 

This morning one of the girls was practicing and I heard some running feet and the next thing I knew this is what was going on in the living room.  I knew this could be great!

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