Friday, March 21, 2014

100 Happy Days: Part 3

Better late than never: here are the last half of my pictures from the 100 happy days challenge. 

100 happy days 55

Day 55 Forsythia for Cynthia
Day 56 My girls with their color guard team after a competition yesterday
Day 57 I found a new fabric store with amazing fabrics!
Day 58 I always appreciate lovely groupings of trees
Day 59 The kids had a band concert
Day 60 This is my favorite—untrimmed & spikey
Day 61 The best shirt for our family ever
Day 62 Today I’m loving having this awesome stove that can boil 4 pots of pasta at once!
Day 63 They asked for bisque for a long time

100 happy days 64

Day 64 A clean hall!!!
Day 65 Catalpa blossoms
Day 66 Jared gets ready for his winter campout
Day 67 Arriving home to find that someone did the dishes!
Day 68 My cute girls on their championship day
Day 69 After days and days of rain, blue sky
Day 70 Signs of spring everywhere
Day 71 He’s back after a week away!
Day 72 I couldn’t resist these flowers

100 happy days8

Day 73 Reminds me of Anne’s “White Way of Delight”
Day 74 The girls’ last color guard performance of the season
Day 75 Finally the bathroom curtains are done
Day 76 I’m so happy one of these bloomed before I left town for 2 weeks!
Day 77 Not usually what you see on the interstate
Day 78 Grandparents
Day 79 Utah cousins
Day 80 Papito and Kate!
Day 81 Time with my baby brother

100 happy days9

Day 82 Fun with Kate
Day 83 Ray family dinner
Day 84 Les Mis & shopping with the girls
Day 85 More piano time with Kate
Day 86 Getting to spend time with our friends on their daughter’s wedding day
Day 87 Happy anniversary!
Day 88 A wedding reception miracle
Day 89 More time together in the car and a mexican feast too
Day 90 Someone took a picture of the tulip fields

100 happy days10

Day 91 So glad some of these were left after the rain
Day 92 A great day to for people who love pink dogwood
Day 93 Jenna comes home after an extra week with Kate
Day 94 Meeting up with my sisters in the LA airport
Day 95 Formal night on the cruise
Day 96 Finally sun in Ensenada, Mexico
Day 97 The cruise is over but we’re still having fun!
Day 98 More tulip beauty
Day 99 Always so happy to come back home to him…

Somewhere along the way I seem to have lost a picture.  But do you know what?  That’s ok by me…  Winking smile

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