Monday, March 10, 2014

And I did eat…


I went to Costco this morning.  I needed the regular things, you know—eggs, cheese, bananas, and milk since we’d been out of milk for over 24 hours.

But when I walked in the front door one of the first things I saw was a big display of spring bulbs.  Beautiful, tempting, and reasonably priced…


I had already been planning that this was the year that I would plant clematis plants to adorn my back fence.  But…it is possible that I don’t need quite this many.

What to do, what to do…


  1. I've decided to rip out a climbing rose and replace it with clematis. The rose is too high maintenance. Don't know much about clematis though. I hope it will be easier. Have you grown these before?

  2. Melissa one of my aunts (in Utah) has lots of clematis and I don't think they're high maintenance. Should be much easier than roses with all of the NC issues!!