Monday, March 10, 2014

One-upmanship at the dinner table

Josh happened to mention at dinner tonight that it has been 8 years since Steve Irwin the Crocodile Hunter died.  We talked about him for a few minutes and then Josh took exception to something that Rachel had said (no surprise there) and started telling her how much less important she was than Steve Irwin. 

Actually, I interrupted, Rachel is more likely than any of the rest of us to have something named after her.  After all, we already have Rachel Ray knives


and a refrigerated Rachel Ray bag.



Well, Russ interrupted, he has ice cream named after him. 


He has an entire line of stuffed animals named after him.

Cubby the bear Russ Berrie

He has *chocolates* named after him.


Well…sort of named after him…


Then Jared interrupted for his turn.

I, he informed us, have my own jewelry store.


And (and you could tell he knew this was the kicker)


My brother is in the Book of Mormon.


Well how can you top that???


And then just because we were having such a fun dinnertime the kids started singing one of their band songs.  They do this from time to time and I have to think this is one of the best parts of having three kids in the same band.  I bribed them to keep doing it when I got out the camera…

Fun night!!  (Even if dinner was 2 hours late because of daylight savings time!)

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  1. Aw, I miss those kids!
    And to think, all I have is a deli...