Thursday, March 20, 2014

100 Happy Days: my thoughts and the second 27 days

So I am a little more than halfway through this challenge and I’m feeling some unexpected things about it.  After all—I like taking pictures and I like being happy, right?  So what could be better than to do this for 100 days.  Right?

Except—100 days feels unexpectedly long.  Without a smart phone it requires several pieces of equipment and several steps to go from picture to email.  And do you know what?  Some days, particularly bad pms days, I don’t actually want to look for something that makes me happy.

100 happy days3

  • Day 28—valentine’s outfit for Kate
  • Day 29—hummer in the rain
  • Day 30—my homeschooled boy gets a public school award
  • Day 31—valentine’s day sunset
  • Day 32—I cleaned out the freezer!
  • Day 33—my valentine’s day flowers
  • Day 34—so proud of my wrestler, who doesn’t always win but always keeps on trying
  • Day 35—burnt food art
  • Day 36—a funny way to carry eggs

100 happy days 5

  • Day 37—I am just delighted that a vegetable like this exists
  • Day 38—this sight always makes me happy
  • Day 39—We had the honor today of holding flags at a funeral procession for a local soldier killed in Afghanistan.
  • Day 40—I don’t think I’ve ever seen a contrail’s shadow before
  • Day 41—I’m off on my first winter trip.  Hooray!
  • Day 42—Ladies from all over the country gathered for a book club reunion--complete with a book discussion both nights.  Happy, happy, happy.
  • Day 43—amazing vegas buffet
  • Day 44—after church
  • Day 45—the Vegas strip from the air

100 happy days 6

  • Day 46—beautiful stellar jay on the back fence
  • Day 47—aren’t they cute?
  • Day 48—songbirds singing in the rain
  • Day 49—blue sky in winter!
  • Day 50—a tulip from a thank you boquet
  • Day 51—one of the first signs of spring
  • Day 52—such fun!
  • Day 53—unexpected view of a tulip
  • Day 54—sunrise

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