Monday, May 13, 2013

More talk of goats

Jared has been on one all morning.  Teasing, teasing, teasing.  Poor Rachel has been the recipient of much of it.  We just played a game of (American) Ticket to Ride and it was fiercely competitive.  Lots of blocking and a quicker than expected game ending.  Rachel commented at the end of the game how much fun she’d had frustrating Jared during the game, and I cautioned her about the need to be a good sport.

“But Mom,” she said, “He gets my goat all the time!  This is the only time I can get back at him!”

“Well,” Jared shot back at her, “that’s because your goat is always out sitting in a meadow.  Tied with 10 year old twine.  To a twig stuck in the ground!!”


Sigh…some days are like this…



  1. WOW- you have the EXACT bar stools that I saw on a decorating blog and have really been wanting!!! And that Jared...something tells me he's going to be a writer one day:).

  2. LOL!!! What 12 year old is that funny??? That is awesome.