Wednesday, March 20, 2013

These kids keep me laughing.

We were just doing school, studying irregular plural words.  (Doesn’t that just sound so schoolish of us???)  After we’d read our chapter we had a list of words to practice on.  Words like mother-in-law, manservent, and handful. 

Jenna read the word “eyetooth” and was taking a minute to say what the plural was.  Rachel was confused about what an eyetooth was.  And then Jared said,

“Eyetooth?  Is that an apple product??”


Later Rachel was annoyed (again) with Jared.  Jared has been in a teasing mood this morning and Rachel was on the receiving end of a lot of his teasing.  When Rachel complained that Jared was always “mean” to her but that she was never mean to him, he proclaimed,

That is because my goat cannot be got!

After which Rachel lamented that her goat is very easy to get.


(When I was growing up and we kids were irritating each other my dad always told us is that the way to get a man’s goat is to find out where he’s got it tied.  I have shared this wisdom with my kids from time to time, and you can see that while they are not able to use this bit of wisdom, they at least remember it enough to beat each other over the head with it…)


And finally, a video of Jared reading from our history lesson about Oregon trappers today.  In his best Oregon trapper voice.  He was actually doing a better one before I started recording him, of course…



  1. OK I laughed so hard at the video... tell Jared he is awesome!!!

  2. I think manservant is my new favorite word...I want one of those!