Sunday, March 10, 2013

I never wanted to be a story that could be put in the Ensign.

About a week and a half ago a thought popped into my mind—something about the girl’s best friend in North Carolina, Olivia.  Then I thought of Olivia’s lifetime nanny, Carol.  Carol is an amazing woman.  She had been with Olivia’s family for several years already when Olivia was born, and she was like a second mother to those girls.  And when my girls were over there, Carol took care of them too.  She might have been in her 70’s but she was still fun and fiesty, taking them on outings to the skating rink or planning Easter parties.  Last Christmas when Russ was out of work, Carol brought over presents for every person in our family.  Every single one.  She was really incredible.

As all of these thoughts ran through my mind, I had the thought that I really needed to text Olivia’s mom and tell her to tell Carol that I was thinking of her and appreciated her so much.

But you know what?  I didn’t.  I didn’t have my phone right with me, and I didn’t go find it, and by the time I was back with my phone I’d forgotten.

Right up until the moment last Sunday night when Olivia called to tell us that Carol had died very suddenly and unexpectedly.


Then I remembered.


I know it doesn’t make a difference to Carol (especially where she is now) whether or not I sent her that message. 

But I feel blessed to have known Carol, and I would have liked to have told her that…



  1. My cousin had a nanny named Thelma from the time she was a baby. She was like a second mother, and I remember how upset Laura was when she died. I think it's an amazing thing to be able to make someone else's child feel loved like that.

  2. Oh, Cindy... I bet that was a sad phone call. What an interesting thought that sometimes thanking people is for *us* more than for them.