Friday, March 8, 2013

If it seems to weird to be true…


A couple of weeks ago I took the kids to a pediatrician for check-ups and to get them up to date on the vaccinations required in Oregon.  The doctor we went to see has just opened her own practice and is using a very non-traditional model.  She has an integrated medicine practice and only has an office assistant in the mornings to keep her overhead down so that she can spend more time with her patients.  For our 3 physicals she scheduled 3 hours of time!!   If I had known this before I probably would have chosen a different doctor —I’m not a fan of spending long stretches of time at the doctors.  The kids loved the doctor though, so we probably won’t change now.

One really strange thing happened while we were there.  All three kids failed the hearing test in their left ear.  It was the strangest thing.  So she did it again, and they all failed again!!  I couldn’t believe that they would ALL have a hearing problem in the same ear!  But I felt like I couldn’t ignore it either, so yesterday I took Jared to see an audiologist.  And I’m happy to say that he passed the hearing test with flying colors.  She told me that there must have been a problem with the pediatrician’s equipment, and that she didn’t think the girls needed to be checked out.  Whew.  I’m just as glad that no one has hearing problems…

So the moral of my story is if it seems to be just to bizarre and strange to be true, maybe it really isn’t!

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  1. I think the strangest part of this post was this line: "A couple of weeks ago I took the kids to a pediatrician for check-ups...."

    ;-) YOU? checkups???

    The equipment thing was totally Mahon and my guess! It all being in the same ear was just too weird. Glad that they are just fine!