Monday, March 11, 2013

Celebrating Technology

Things I have googled in the last five minutes:

  • crystallized honey
  • can I add water to crystallized honey?
  • fall 2013 schedule for BYU
  • general conference care kit

I was telling one of the kids this weekend about my initial exposure to the internet, you know, when Russ tried explaining it to me, and I said (and I quote) “That sounds like the dumbest thing I ever heard of.” 

Now I can’t live from one moment to the next without the internet.  I can’t even imagine life in the “old days” when missionaries wrote real letters home and their parents had to wait for the mailman to bring them.  I can’t imagine moving to a new place without the ability to pull up google maps 3 or 20 times a day.  I can’t imagine not having the ability to search out the answer to any question I have at any moment of the day or night and almost always find it.

I’m just going to say it. 

I love the internet.


  1. Isn't it so funny how resistant to change we sometimes are!?

  2. I love that you said that! Your google searches reminded me of a time when I started a search by typing "I am" and the very first thing the autofill came up with was "terribly afraid of Chinese people"!:) (for the record- I love Chinese people) It's crazy to think that not only will my kids never remember a world without the internet, they'll never remember a world without smart phones and ipads- at home, in their classrooms, everywhere. We have a desktop, two laptops, an ipad and two iphones in our house- and only two adults!

  3. Like that moment right after we moved down here and before we had internet, when I realized that one could actually use a map and a phone book together to locate local businesses. ;) But google maps is so much easier!!!

  4. i loved the bookshelves full of encyclopedia britanica and the shelve of World Books for every year. i lay on the living room floor for hours at a time reading through the books from start to finish. there was something lovely about having wonderful information topic after topic that i loved. i think the internet has taken some of the acquisition of general knowlege away from out kids. but admit i love the ease of finding answers to questions. where was goggle when i needed to explain why the sky is blue?