Friday, March 15, 2013

To Portland, to Portland, to buy a bookshelf.

I am so tired.  By the end of every week I am just exhausted.  In fact by the end of every day I’m exhausted.  In the middle of the week I was fighting a cold and I told Russ Wednesday night that I was so tired that I felt like I had been beaten with a stick.  Every night I’m so grateful for the restorative power of sleep, and it is just amazing to me that I can be so exhausted and then wake up and do it all over again the next day.

Anyway.  Today’s exhausting time:

I went to curves to work out a little later than normal, then changed my clothes there and drove into Portland.  First I went to Ikea out by the airport to return some curtains. 


(I am very entertained by buildings built on corners that are acute angles.)

Then I headed for a place called the Rebuilding Center.  The Rebuilding Center is a repository for scads of recycled home bits and pieces.  Cabinets, light fixtures, tubs, toilets, sinks, knobs, doors, windows, you name it and they probably have it.  I went because someone had posted on our ward email list that they also had large bookcases (from Powells, the largest used bookstore in the country) for only $30.  I thought that bookcases would be a terrific idea for our garage for storage.  I measured the van to be sure that 4 bookcases would fit in, and planned my trip.

The Rebuilding Center was interesting.  I could see from the exterior that they did more than sell recycled house parts.



You know, I’ve never seen a window mosaic before.  Very cool.

I waited my turn to have my bookcases loaded in the van, and then realized something.  While I had measured the INSIDE of my van and it was big enough for the 4 shelves I had paid for, I had neglected to measure the OPENING of the back of the van.  Oops.  Only 2 shelves could fit in at a time. 

I decided that I would come back on Saturday to get the other two.

My drive back wasn’t nearly as long as I had expected, perhaps because I had stopped by the library and gotten a couple of books on CD. 

Perhaps because I was so entertained by seeing these houses.


Please notice the size of the car to be sure you have some idea of the size of the house.


When I got home I had lunch and decided that I was going to go right back to Portland to get the other shelves.  This time I took Jenna with me so that we could do some shopping on the way home. 

We picked up the shelves, drove past the small houses again, and also a house with a crazy paint job.



When we got back into Hillsboro Jenna and I went to a children’s consignment sale.  We found a bunch of tops and a dress for Rachel & Jenna.


After we’d gone through all of the teeny-bopper clothes we decided we should look at the baby girl clothes just in case we saw anything that Cindy Lynn’s baby needed.  Well let’s just say we found plenty, most of it very pink.  A huge bag of pinkiliciousness.


Here’s a sneak peek:


We arrived back home at about 6:30, thoroughly exhausted. 

After a day like today I think I need a weekend to recuperate…


  1. Ahhhh just that sneak peek has me excited!!!!! :)

  2. You live in an interesting area! :) fun to see your life!