Thursday, March 7, 2013

Ancient Technology

One of the interesting things about moving is that you end up touching, at one point or another, things that you haven’t thought about in a long time.  The other day I opened a box and this is one of the things I unpacked.


As I pulled it from the box, memories slowly surfaced.  The first HP graphing calculator, it was required for one of Russ’s classes the semester after we got married.  It was the first piece of technology we owned, and it cost more than anything else we bought (other than car repairs) for a long long time.


I was overwhelmed by the cost but at the same time I understood what an investment this was in Russ’s education and our future.  That investment has paid off over and over again. 

Oh, how far we’ve come since this calculator…


(But now what do I do with it?)


  1. Oh wow...I found my graphing calculator from high school one time and thought it was definitely have me beat! What do they use these days?

  2. do you think the Smithsonian would want it? lol