Friday, May 24, 2013

Lunch at Intel

I had lunch at Intel with Russ yesterday.  Mostly so we could do some business at the credit union right there in the cafeteria.  (Side note:  when we walked in the credit union employees greeted Russ by name.  I was truly impressed.  And wanted to break out into song: “Sometimes you want to bank where everybody knows your name…”)

As we were eating I asked Russ if he thought they had some foil that I could wrap up the rest of my sandwich in because I surely wasn’t going to finish the whole thing.  He told me that no, they didn’t have anything I could use to take it home.  I thought he was joking but then he went on.  As of Earth Day 2013 (which was last month) Intel is green.  Or greener.  Now the only disposable things in the cafeteria besides your uneaten food are the napkins.  And they can be recycled with the food waste.  No paper coffee cups, no paper plates, no foil to take the leftovers home.  This, people, is Oregon…



  1. Ha! Okay ... That picture screams Oregon !

  2. We are living in the same crazy world- whenever I eat lunch at Marley's school, I spend several minutes answering the kids' questions of which trash can things go in. The other day I literally had a five minute conversation with a four-year-old because she wanted to recycle her yogurt cup and didn't understand that the fact that it was half-full of yogurt trumped the symbol on the bottom....I finally gave up and just let her recycle it! Also, I recently hear this statement made; "Balloons are hugely against my ethics." Not at preschool, thank goodness:).

  3. Interesting. I wonder if more and more states will become like that over the years?