Saturday, June 1, 2013


One of the moms from church told me that her girls were going to be in a “mini” color guard for a few months and wondered if Rachel & Jenna might be interested.  We figured we’d check it out, and they ended up really enjoying it.  They especially enjoyed the chance they got to pair up with the little girls and help them out.  I had twirled a flag in our high school marching band, but what we did then bore very little resemblance to what we saw at the shows we went to.  These winter guard (color guard minus the marching band) teams danced, twirled, and also had rifles and sometimes sabres.  It was interesting to watch the routines get longer and more complex each show as they added on more and more.

DSC_3469  DSC_3470DSC_3479DSC_3506DSC_3494

(video file MVI_7660)

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