Monday, June 3, 2013

Last month at Lowes

I walked in to buy a few flowers for my planter and my front yard and saw several HUGE racks of half price flowers.  YAY me!  Our yard is really nice structurally but without a lot of color so I want to add some flowers.  Half price was a great place to start.  And there went my home budget for the entire month…


Do you see those awesome tomato cages?  I’ve leaned away from cages and used more of a lattice in the last few years, but how on earth could I pass these awesome cages up?  Especially since our garden beds are right outside of our dining room windows and we see them all day every day.  (We do a lot of school in our dining room so we spend a lot of time in there.) 

And do you see that last picture?  Do you know what it is?  It’s a MANDEVILLA!  Here in Oregon, a MANDEVILLA!!  Here’s hoping it will thrive here in what is occasionally a sunny corner of my house.

Now if I could just get it all planted…


  1. So fun! I have never heard of a mandevilla. I like it.

  2. We are birds of a feather- I'm a sucker for bright rainbow colors:)