Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Weekend Fun

Last week was a hard one.  I had 48 hours of what was quite possibly the worst hormonal upheaval I’ve ever experienced, and poor Russ had to live through it with me.  I was so relieved when I woke up Thursday morning and felt like myself again.  (And I give thanks that I don’t feel like that all of the time!) 

Friday we had decided that we would go to the temple, and so we set off for a lovely evening together.  IMG_6173

It was fun to walk around the temple and see what things were in bloom.  Our kids got to go and do service at the temple a few weeks ago—they pulled out bulbs and planted lots and lots of flowers.  The roses are also in bloom right now.


When we were done at the temple I was starving (of course) and it was kind of late so we stopped at a Panda Express for some orange chicken. 

I felt much better for having had some time with Russ.


Saturday morning when I woke up Russ reminded me that we were going to go to the Saturday Market downtown.  None of the kids wanted to go with us so we scrounged up some money for breakfast and walked downtown.  The weather was perfect and we bought fresh asparagus, tasted lots of samples, and bought breakfast burritos.  (And decided that we’d rather eat Russ’s at home, for about 20% of the cost!) 


I would like to point out that Hillsboro’s trash containers are also very PC.  They want to be sure that you know if you put it in there, it’s going to a landfill.


No euphemisms like “trash” for them! 


By the time we’d walked the mile or so back home, hand in hand the whole way, (cause we’re sappy like that) I was feeling quite spoiled by all of the time we’d had together. 

Saturday afternoon Russ had won tickets to the women’s soccer game in Portland.  In an unexpected coincidence the triplets had gone the day before on a full day field trip with the 6th grade to see the men’s soccer team play, and so Jared decided he’d had enough soccer for the week.  Josh also decided he didn’t want to go so I got to go with Russ and the girls.  We rode the MAX to the game—us and a bunch of our closest friends.  It was standing room only!


We had great seats.


The girl who sang the national anthem sang beautifully, and once again the crowd participation was fun to watch and made us all wish we had scarves!  I am always moved by a good rendition of the national anthem, and the crowd participation really adds to the experience for me.  Except that I can’t tell what they’re all shouting at the end.

When the game was over there were so many people at the MAX stop that we decided to walk to the next one.  Surely it wouldn’t be that far…right???  We walked,


and walked,


and walked.


We were pretty excited when we finally got to the next stop!  It was still pretty crowded so not everyone got to sit down…


It was a long day, and I was pretty much ready to pass out when we got home.  But it’s not often I get to spend 24 hours just hanging out with Russ, and I loved it!


  1. What a rude penguin;).

    How FUN that you can walk to your downtown. I remember when we went to see Eric's family right after our honeymoon, he was SO excited to show me Saturday market. Also, all that time together sounds amazing....I am so glad I have you to help me back away from the cliff's edge and realize that things will change one day:).

  2. Maybe it's late... Maybe my eyes are playing tricks on me.... But why is RUSS standing while the giant Penguin(?) is sitting????????