Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Alias: and so it begins again…

In December of 2006 I had an excellent idea for a Christmas gift for Russ.  Any time I have a good idea for a present for him it’s a good day because he isn’t someone who wants much, so it’s often hard to figure out what he would like.  That year I got the idea to buy him the first season of “Alias,” a show he really liked while it was on tv. 


He was really excited about it and as soon as the Christmas festivities were over we started watching it.  Once or twice a week we’d put the little kids in bed and watch an episode with Cindy Lynn, who was home from college.  The show, which is about a spy who is a double agent, was exciting and sometimes very suspenseful.

April 2007 016

It was “Alias” that showed me something really neat about Russ.  We watched it every time with Cindy Lynn, but we didn’t manage to watch all of the episodes in that first season before she went back to BYUI in April.  Several weeks after she went back to school we had a free evening and I suggested Alias.  Russ said no, that we couldn’t watch it without Cindy Lynn.  What a dad!  When she came back home happily watched the last few episodes of the season.

That year I gave Russ season two of “Alias” for Christmas again.  (Can’t go wrong, right??)  We started watching with Cindy Lynn again, this time taking it to the hospital with us to watch when she was in for IVs, and then watching it when she was back home and not feeling well.  Because of the hospital we ended up watching more episodes faster than we had the year before, and one day I had the bright thought that I could probably go ahead and buy season three and we could watch some of it before she went back to BYUI.  So I did, and we did.

2008 was the year that didn’t turn out the way any of us expected.  We met Mahon and he and Cindy Lynn got engaged.  Cindy Lynn got influenza in February or March and ended up in the hospital a second time.  We watched Alias a lot more.  She deferred the first half of the semester that started in April because of her health, and then the rest of the semester as well.  She was in the hospital a third time.  Through it all, we watched Alias as fast as we could.  I bought the fourth season, and finally the fifth and final season.  We watched, and watched, and watched, the three of us. 

I started dreaming Alias dreams.  I started thinking with an accent.  We made inside jokes about Alias.  One night while Cindy Lynn was on IVs Russ filled an empty syringe with bright green water, since on Alias they were always injecting people with mysterious bright green liquids. 

  April 2008 003

We were watching the last few minutes of the finale one evening in the summer when friends arrived to stay for a few days.  Our friend was curious about what was happening and we tried to catch her up to speed as two of the characters battled it out in the end on a glass roof.  “She was bad and she dies.”  “He was bad and he dies…or wishes he did anyway.”  “She was good but she died.”  My friend was confused, to say the least. 


I’ve never watched an episode of Alias since then, but every time I’ve thought of it or seen one of the actors it’s brought a smile to my face and my heart, thinking of this experience that we shared together.  I had no idea when I bought the first season that first Christmas how delightful (and suspenseful) it truly would be.


Rachel has been looking for something new to watch, and recently she suggested that she thought they were old enough to watch Alias.  She has heard us talking about how much we enjoyed it and she wanted to watch it too.  So the other night Russ and I gave the ok and she pulled out the first episode and we watched it together. 


Who knows…maybe it’s time for some Alias dreams again…

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