Saturday, June 29, 2013

Outside Observations

Just a few random pictures from the yard.

Remember my little grape vines by the front door?

1 front door (1)

I’m thinking now that they were planted just to help sell the house and hadn’t been there long.  Because here we are 10 months later—and I’ve trimmed them back already 2x this spring!


Btw, if they ever do produce any grapes, they are supposed to make a nice spicy wine.  Sweet. 


I’m not sure what the weather was like here while we were in Utah, but whatever was going on here clearly made the petunias happy.


They have choked out the poor little impatiens all together and the grassy stuff isn’t doing too well either.


Note to self for next year’s garden: no matter how cute the brightly colored tomato cages are, they are NOT tall enough for the peas.  All it will take is one windy day to demonstrate that…


Also…don’t plan on putting tomatoes where the peas were—the peas are still going strong when the tomatoes need to go in.

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  1. I've the grapevine...feels homey. :) the garden looks wonderful! As cheesey as it guys are blooming where you've been (trans)planted!