Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Watson Reunion Fun

Last summer we were lucky enough to be able to go stay in a home near Bear Lake with a bunch of my siblings.  (6 out of 9, I think.)  This year Ramona graciously invited us to stay at their new house in Mantua and assured us there were lots of things to do nearby.  Other than the unexpected trip down the deck stairs in the dark and the resulting sprained ankle we had a great, though exhausting time.

This is how we roll:

Games in the yard




Cousin bonding


Creative solutions


Fun at the lake


Nightly campfires


Staying up late


We had a great time!!


1 comment:

  1. Is that a carseat on the back of a bike!? I'm so impressed...I can barely balance myself on a bike, let alone a kid seat, let ALONE a car seat- wish I had those balance skills!

    Eric was just in Utah for a conference and he told me it was really green and beautiful, but I just had such a hard time picturing it, since I've never been there in the spring...glad I can now see that he wasn't hallucinating!