Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Guess he REALLY pimped his ride!

I was driving up the interstate on Monday and saw a strange vehicle in front of me.  I thought it might be a military vehicle.


So of course I did what any rational picture-taking person would do.  I changed lanes and sped up a little.


And a little more.

And then I said to myself (because I am in Utah, after all) Oh. My. Heck!?!?!?


When I showed my brother the pictures later he pointed out the little logo (JD3) and we looked it up.  Apparently JD3 offers “customized fabrication of lifted Jeeps and trucks.”

Well ok then.  I’m assuming this is for when you want everyone on the road to know that you have more money than they do.

Or when you want the people who see you in their rearview mirrors to be very afraid…


One more time, zoomed in so you can see that front view.


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