Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Read-Aloud Report

We are having such fun reading aloud.  Half Magic was more than half entertaining and now Jenna is reading more books by the same author.  Nancy Drew and the Bungalow Mystery was like a delightful blast from the past.  We were particularly entertained by the continuing description of the “black foreign car” as if that was somehow significant.  Then we realized that when the book was written in 1930, a foreign car was might have been unusual.  Rachel found the next Nancy Drew on cd in the library and listened to that.  Then she said the reader (a professional and well known actress, lol) just didn’t do as good of a job as me.  I told her I still wasn’t reading any more Nancy Drew books aloud. 

A few minutes ago we finished our third book—one I decided to read to them on impulse after having read it myself for the first time last week.  It is by Lois Lowry (one of my top kid’s authors) and is called “The Willoughbys.”

willoughbys I thought I’d read all of Lowry’s books, but somehow missed this one.  The book is totally tongue in cheek (including a hilarious glossary at the end of the book that I wish we’d read when we started) and we were laughing the whole time.  I’m not surprised, since Lowry’s “Attaboy Sam” is hands down the funniest book we’ve ever, ever read. 

Next up, “A Swiftly Tilting Planet.”  Wish us luck on that one—complicated, not funny at all, but beautiful language and fascinatingly complex storyline…


  1. Cindy, have you read the Sam sequels? See You Around Sam and Zooman Sam. We just picked those up at the library. I love your book recommendations!

  2. Melissa, have you read "Attaboy Sam"? That is my favorite of the Sam sequels. Seriously hilarious.

    Mom, I read "The Willhoughbys" years ago and didn't love it, but I think it would be funnier read aloud. Especially just after you had read one by Edward Eager, since that is totally the style of writing it mimics!