Friday, June 15, 2012

Rite of Passage

They’re going to be 12 in August, so I figured it was time.  And I didn’t want for them the same experience that I had.  I was in 7th grade (so probably just barely 13) and in a school that had PE every day.  I was so aware of just how hairy my legs were and so one day I snuck into my parents bathroom, got my dad’s old fashioned razor, and started shaving.  When I say old fashioned razor I mean the kind that you opened up and put a straight razor blade in.  I mean the kind that would scrape the skin right off your entire shin bone before you even had a clue what you were doing.  I mean the kind that could hurt bad…

So this morning I invited the girls into my bathroom, handed them each a nice relative safe razor, and showed them what to do.


They were a little apprehensive at first, and surprised at how long it took.  But in the end, four nicely shaved legs and two happy girls.


I didn’t have the heart to tell them to enjoy it, because now they’ll be shaving those cute little legs for the rest of their lives!!


  1. LOL! Those are cute pics. How fun to have a sister to share the rite of passage. ;) I never cared about my hairy legs until a certain friend started making fun of me for my legs being hairy! Then I was humiliated.

  2. Big day! I started shaving my armpits because all the cool kids did it and now I wonder what would have been if I had never even started...