Saturday, June 2, 2012

Day 18 & 19: the longest drive and relaxing with Cindy Lynn

Day 18 found us driving, driving, driving.  We slept long and hard and left Barstow about noon to drive through the desert.  Southern California, Nevada, Southern Utah.  All. Day. Long.  Fortunately we didn’t need much scenic entertainment (except for this awesome exit sign)


because we were having so much fun together, or taking naps, one or the other.  And whichever of those things we were doing, we were singing the dolphin show music.  And occasionally the Shamu show music…

Into the blue…
let the current move you,
let the wind rush through


Can you feel it now,
that we’re on our way
a ray of hope
a sunrise on the bay…


Fun times!


miles travelled: 541                                                                                      total miles: 3753

We got to Cindy Lynn’s house late Wednesday night.  Mahon had thoughtfully gotten all of the air mattresses ready for everyone (I really do have the best son-in-law!) and we we were able to go to bed as soon as we’d told him the highlights of our San Diego/Sea World/travel adventure.

We spent Thursday hanging out at Cindy Lynn’s house and recovering from the intensity of our time in San Diego.  In the afternoon I took the kids and their cousins to our girl’s night hotel in Provo to swim.  Then that evening I left the kids at Cindy Lynn’s (how awesome to have a Utah babysitter!) and took off for girl’s night.

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  1. It was a fun trip indeed! I'm totally LOLing about the music lyrics... too true!