Wednesday, June 27, 2012



Rachel (reading a book): Was Juliet really only 13 or 14?
Me: Yeah, they were teenagers.
Rachel (in a disgusted voice): And they killed each other out of love? 
Me: Yep.
Jenna: That’s just disturbing…


(My couch full of kids this morning.  Can you tell it’s cold here?!?)


  1. LOL!!! That's hilarious. Glad they see the truth about Romeo and Juliet. ;) And I want to come visit you. It been in the 90s lately, and I realize that that should not phase me being the NC girl that I am, but it has just felt so HOT and DRY! I feel thirsty ALL THE TIME!!!!

  2. What Cindy Lynn is trying to say is: She is afraid she may burn down with the states of Colorado AND Utah. She is thinking of running away. I might just pack all of us in her suitcase! Better rent another apartment next door!!!

  3. We are coming too, but make sure to stock our apartment with LOTS and LOTS of baby toys, and while you are at it, stock your apartment and Andras apartments with lots of toys too! And unfortunately, I was pretty sure at 13 or 14 that I could have died for a guy, maybe. Maybe you can come help me train Lilly better :)