Thursday, June 7, 2012

Oregon Adventure #1

We arrived in Oregon (I’m sorry for so much jumping around, it pains me too.  But I just can’t be very chronological right now!) right before Memorial Day weekend.  We were very (tremendously) lazy on Saturday, but we decided that on Monday we would take advantage of Russ’s day off and have our first Oregon adventure.

We started our day at the MAX station where I was impressed that they have small cages that you can rent to store your kids in while you go on MAX dates.  Seriously an awesome idea and I don’t know why we haven’t seen this before.  The people in Oregon must be more progressive, I guess.


The kids were pretty excited at first to be riding the light rail train, but they soon decided it was boring and  Rachel took a nap.


Once in Portland we made our way to the food carts to find some lunch.  Nothing quite like standing around eating your food from the high shelves in front of closed food carts.  We were so hungry and everything was delicious.  Rachel insisted on eating with chopsticks.  When we were done we were absolutely stuffed. 


Then we walked to our main destination—the largest used bookstore in the world, Powells.  The bookstore that occupies several building and hands out maps so you don’t get lost.  Bookstore Nirvana.  I would post a picture of the beautiful never-ending rows of books but I think I deleted the one picture I took with my cell phone.  We had a great time at the bookstore.  Everyone got $5 to spend on a book, Russ caved in and bought the newest Rick Riordon book, and well…I got a few books too to use for my summer reading with the kids.

The streets of Portland were also entertaining.  Here was our favorite sign.


And we thought this interactive sculpture across the street from Powells was pretty cool too.


Here’s what happened after the man pushed the bulb part.

The trip back to Hillsboro on the MAX was much more entertaining.  After all, everyone had a book to read.  A young mother sitting across the isle commented that it was good to see kids enjoying their reading so much.  It made me happy that my kids thought a trip to a used bookstore was a great outing!


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  1. I stared at that first picture for loooong time before figuring out they were bike lockers...I remember they had them at UW- I guess people in the NW are either more protective of their bikes, or better at stealing them!