Monday, June 18, 2012

Day 24: The penultimate day or There’s an adventure every day

Ok…quick while I have a moment and some mental energy I’m going to finish up the last 2 days of our across-the-country-to-Oregon adventure. [And thanks to Cindy Lynn and Megan for correcting some of my mis-remembered details.]

We spent most of our last day in Utah just hanging out with Cindy Lynn.  Cindy Lynn and Jared went and got Zupas soups for lunch and picked up Mahon from work and we had a good time trying everything.  We walked to the train track to find our smashed pennies but they had vanished, so we found more pennies and put them on the tracks for a later train.  The kids took turns riding Cindy Lynn’s bike which was too big for any of them. We had a nice relaxing day and when it was time to leave we were sad to go.


Our destination for our 2nd to last day of travelling was Nampa, Idaho.  We were to stay the night with one of our favorite babysitters from when we lived in Pocatello, Megan.  But it turned out that we had a few adventures in store before we got to Megan’s house.

First adventure: the gas station in the middle of nowhere.

Someone needed a bathroom and we had gone a long time without seeing anything, so when we finally saw a gas station we pulled off.  This gas station was very near the Utah/Idaho line, and there was NOTHING around it.  Just a gas station, with a large sign near the restroom door saying that the bathrooms were for paying customers.  So we bought some snacks.  But I’m getting ahead of myself.

When we pulled into the parking lot we were a little perplexed.  There was an enclosure in front of the gas station holding some of the strangest animals we’ve ever seen.  They looked almost like alien animals.


It turned out that they were alpacas that had recently been shorn.  The kids had a great time trying to pet them and then feeding them.


I loved driving through southern Idaho.  It was so scenic, and the sun was low enough in the sky that all of the irrigation sprinklers had a nice glow about them.


We stopped in Twin Falls for dinner.  Brrrr!!!  That place was windy and cold! 

Second adventure: before we went to get dinner (which was a super slow fast food at Taco Bell) we stopped to see the Snake River Canyon.  Probably the best part was walking out onto the big bridge and then feeling it shake and vibrate when semis drove past.


We didn’t arrive at Megan’s house until after 11, totally exhausted.  Megan quickly found us places to sleep and we all zonked right out…that was a long day.


  1. Mahon brought home zupas? Give credit where it is due! Jared and I went there and stood in the line FOR LIKE AN HOUR!!! ;)

    Those Twin Falls pics are awesome! and I am still LOLing about the gas station aplacas.

  2. I thought it was a super slow meal at Taco Bell? (or was that elsewhere on your trip?) I'm enjoying reading about your adventures & putting the stories that you shared with us in a chronological context. Somehow I didn't put them together the way they happened when I was listening to them. =)

    Lovely Snake River pics!