Friday, June 1, 2012

Hillsboro Residence #1

I thought I’d post a few pictures of our temporary digs.  Here is our 3 bedroom apt—from the outside


And here is what the inside looked like when we arrived.  Living room:




and kids bedrooms.


We’ve been here for 9 days now and the kids rooms look a lot better.  Here are some pictures of the girls room.


The kitchen is looking somewhat better—not done yet, but better than it was.IMG_3128


But in order to start unpacking boxes I had to make a diagram of my NC kichen


Then I figured out what things were the most important, and diagrammed where I would put them in this super small kitchen.


It was the only way I could wrap my brain around any of it—my brain doesn’t work very well in tasks like this.

We don’t know yet if the movers lost anything, but we did find something we have never seen before.


And we know that the movers didn’t skimp on the paper…


We realized we were a little short on furniture, so until some other things show up from storage next week we improvised for a dresser


and a place for the sewing machine.


I realized the other day that the last time I moved I had 3 one year olds…if Nancy hadn’t unpacked our kitchen we probably would have never gotten those boxes unpacked.

The time before that when we moved Josh was two days old and hadn’t slept since he’d been born.  I remember almost nothing, and none of that good. 

So really, this should be a piece of cake, right???


  1. I'm so impressed with your diagram! My method has been to make my best guess and then I wind up moving things around incessantly...I'll try the diagram method next time- that sounds much better.

  2. Ok, the fact that your sewing machines are already out and your kitchen isn't makes me laugh. But I can totally see how one would bring mental escape/oasis for you and the other might do totally the opposite right now. Still, it is kind of funny. =D

    I like your 'dresser' and your diagram method, too. Wish I could help you organize your kitchen -- I have plenty of experience fitting into a tiny place and deciding what needs to stay in storage for awhile! ;)

  3. Oh yes, it looks MUCH better. And I'm loving the wood (pergo? laminate?) floors. Is that sun I see in those pictures?!? I'm surprised! I hope Oregon has lots of good surprises in store for y'all!