Sunday, June 3, 2012

Days 22 & 23: How much love can you cram into 48 hours???

When I left Park City to go pick up the kids (at 5pm Saturday evening) I was already tired.  And I knew that the next two days were going to be exhausting, a marathon of visiting.  (And a ridiculous amount of driving, but there was no other way to see all of these people.)

We started by driving up to Logan to stay overnight with Sean & Katie & their family. Our schedule was crazy and this was the only time we could hang out with them.  One of the interesting moments of the whole trip happened there.  I had a nightmare early Sunday morning that I had been abducted and was being held somewhere.  I woke up about 4am with the nightmare still in my head, and was seriously disoriented.   I looked around me and didn’t know where I was, and hyperventilated for 5 minutes until I finally figured out that I was sleeping in Sean & Katie’s living room.  By then there was enough adrenaline in my body that I couldn’t get back to sleep for well over an hour.  I figured that maybe having slept in 14 different places in the previous 3 weeks had been more disorienting than I had realized. I ended up coming back after sacrament meeting to sleep more because I was so exhausted after my bad night. 

After church we hung out, played a game, and my dad & Ramona came by so my dad could adjust everyone.  (Jenna had fallen off the top of a swingset while I was in Park City and her back was hurting.  No, my kids aren’t allowed to play on the top of swingsets anymore.  No, I don’t know why they thought playing on the top of the swingset was a good idea to begin with.) 

After my dad & Ramona left it was time for us to head down to Bountiful for a Ray family party.  My sweet sister in law Marilyn had organized a party so that we could see everyone on our way to Oregon, and it was so much fun.  The only problem was that there wasn’t nearly enough time to talk to everyone!  In addition to talking there was dancing on the lawn,


and a real treat, watching the eclipse.


Rachel in particular was just fascinated by the process.


And when the next eclipse happens (in 2017) we’ll hopefully remember that a slightly bigger hole gives a much bigger image.  Either that or we’ll all use the welder glasses that Mahon is going to get (for eclipse viewing) by then.

After everyone else left Cindy Lynn & Mahon and the kids & I stayed visiting with Dave & Marilyn.  We had such fun talking to them that I could hardly drag myself away, but we were spending the night at Laila’s and I didn’t want to keep her up all night waiting for us.  So finally we dragged ourselves away, Dave & Marilyn promising that they will come to visit us in Oregon.  (One great thing about living closer is going to be seeing all of these people we love more!)

Once I got the kids to bed at Laila’s I had to take a picture.  These kids were the best travelers.  They slept on the floor more often than not, sometimes crammed together, frequently exhausted, and rarely complaining.  I could tell they enjoyed it when we stayed somewhere that we all had beds, but for the most part they were so good natured about whatever the accommodations were.


Monday morning we got up and spent the morning playing with Preston & Noah.  Remember those sweet tiny babies that I hung out with a couple of weeks last spring?  Well, they are no longer tiny, they’re on the move, and they’re so cute!



I drove down to Salt Lake and had a birthday lunch with my friend Janet (no picture, darn it!) and then came back to Laila’s and picked up the kids.  We drove back up to Logan and they played with their friends for a couple of hours,


and then we went and had dinner with my dad & Ramona.  Ramona cooked fresh trout for us and made the best funeral potatoes ever.  My dad took everyone on a motorcycle ride.  Riding past the newly fertilized fields was nasty.  Riding past the recently irrigated fields was surprisingly cold.  I’ll bet that the air by those fields was at least 10 degrees colder than everywhere else. 


We had a great time with my dad & Ramona and were sad when it was time to leave, but after considering all of the options we had decided that we wanted to spend our last night in Utah at Cindy Lynn’s, so we had a drive ahead of us. 


miles driven while in Utah: 577                                                           total miles: 4330

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  1. Your sister-in-law has really green grass! I have never met someone with as high a tolerance for driving as you have Cindy! And I agree- your kids are amazingly easy-going travelers. All of my kids are that way except for Marley- Oh my goodness that girl is a bad traveller all around- sleeping, driving, eating, all of it. She totally takes after me.