Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Oh My Gosh I Cannot Believe I Forgot!!!

After all those days and all those miles, I can’t leave these out.

Day 24: Pleasant Grove to Nampa


miles traveled: 392                                                                        total miles driven: 4722


AND…..drum roll, please….


Day 25: Nampa to Hillsboro, Oregon


miles traveled:  436 miles                                                            total miles driven: 5158


wow…did you see that?

5158 miles

right now I am pretty impressed with myself…do I know how to throw a road trip, or what?!?


  1. You certainly do! Reading these recaps has made me so excited for our own trip, though it won't compare to yours in either length or fun, I'm afraid. Still- to see the country go past your window is something to remember, and I'm excited for my kids to get to experience it.

  2. That is an AWESOME road trip. I wouldn't mind tackling something like that one day...but not with a 10-month old. Still can't believe you did that whole trip as the only driver!

  3. Wow... That really is impressive! I agree with Amy...can't believe you did that as the only driver. I'm so glad you made it...even if the tears wouldn't stop coming at the end.

  4. So glad you remembered to add these. My kids & I have enjoyed looking at the map of your travels. That was SOME road trip!!