Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Why my fingernails look like this
How I almost ruined my new table

Remember how I said there was that language barrier at the nail salon where I got my manicure?  Well I am not sure what is/was actually on my fingernails (not regular nail polish) but I was pretty sure it needed a special kind of nail polish remover.  So today I picked that up while I was out.
I ran into the apartment this evening right at 5:32, two minutes late for a skype date with two of my NC friends.   I opened my computer, found the nail polish remover, and went to the cabinet for a bowl.  (My sister had mentioned I would probably have to soak my fingers to get the polish off.)  I almost grabbed a plastic bowl but then noticed the much smaller styrofoam bowls on the top shelf and grabbed one instead.  After all, I reasoned, it would use so much less polish remover if I used that small bowl.
I came back to my computer, started the video call, and then as my friends started appearing on my computer and saying hello, I filled the small bowl with the nail polish remover.
And watched my bowl disappear.
Before my eyes.
Seriously, that is what’s left of my bowl.
It was gone, and the special nail polish remover was ALL OVER MY NEW TABLE!!! 
In a panic I told my friends that I was having an emergency for a moment and I grabbed a paper towel to wipe as much of the mess up as possible, then dashed to the sink to grab a washcloth and wash off my poor table.
Fortunately for the table I got it off in time.
The same cannot be said for the bowl.
And that’s why I went and got a solid glass bowl to use the next time.  Any why half of my fingers still look like this.
Whatever is on there, it has more staying power than styrofoam.  I had to soak the other hand for 20 minutes, and then I still had to scrape the polish off! 
No more manicures for me…


  1. Woah!!! I think I would be a bit afraid to soak my hands in that stuff after watching it dissolve the bowl!

  2. Was it Gelish? My friend here gets it when she gets a manicure and she says it stays on for 2 weeks without chipping. That is a little scary though- if it's doing that to Styrofoam, what's it doing to your fingers? If someone could come up with a completely indestructable material for a kitchen table, I would pay good money!