Thursday, December 2, 2010

Baby, It's COLD Inside!

Remember that new and expensive heating/cooling system we bought this summer?  The heating system consists of two parts; an energy efficient heat pump that operates when the temperature outside is 40 degrees or above, and a new high efficiency propane furnace for when it's colder than 40.

Sadly, we're 0/2 on the propane furnace.

Our first inkling that something wasn't quite right happened the first Sunday in October.  When I came downstairs ready to leave for an early meeting in another ward it felt very cold.  Sure enough, the "emergency heat" (that's what the new fancy thermostat calls the propane furnace) wasn't working.  Of course we couldn't have a repairman come out that day--we were hoping not to have to pay for the service call, but just in case we didn't want to risk the after hours $200 service call price.  So we waited for the outside to warm up and finally the heat pump started warming things up.

We were so relieved when the problem was a manufacturers defect.  The technician ordered the new part and did some kind of work-around (which he explained to me, but of course I didn't understand) and we've been comfortable since then. Monday another technician came out and replaced the malfunctioning part.  Monday and Tuesday nights were warm.  But last night?  Well last night was a HARD freeze.  And when I came downstairs this morning I could tell right away that something wasn't right.  The temperature downstairs was a chilly 60 degrees, and the heater vents were blowing cold air.

It was so COLD!!

We all went back upstairs where it was warm for a while, and finally about 10 it warmed up enough outside that the heat pump started working.  It took until noon for the downstairs to get to 68--which is still pretty cool in my opinion!  Thankfully I'd just ordered a new long underwear top--one that is not thermal.  (Did you know there are non-thermal long underwear?  I did not, but am very happy to have learned this.)  I figured this was just the kind of day that deserved long underwear, and I've been nice and warm.

But I'm starting to think we need some kind of discount on our heating system!


  1. I agree- how disappointing!! Tell them if they don't take care of you you'll publicize it on your well-read blog!