Friday, December 17, 2010

He’s Back!


Jason got in this morning about 2AM.  Without his luggage, but we don’t mind that too much because we got a $50 Southwest Voucher for picking up the luggage ourselves.

Josh had been planning for days how he was going to celebrate Jason’s return.  Buy “letting” Jason cut his hair, which has definitely been looking a little shaggy.


December 2010 176

I’m not sure Josh knew what he was getting himself in for.


December 2010 178

Welcome home, Jason!

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  1. Glad he got there safely. Hope he told you all about our adventures on the freeway. Remind him that it was HIS decision that got him to the airport at all. When I passed by that traffic jam, coming back from the airport IT WAS STILL THERE!!!!!
    Definitely an adventure I won't forget. Thanks to Jason, I have now drivin off a freeway by making a fast U turn and driving down an onramp. Only problem is that somehow, the memory of driving down the onramp and through the maze of streets is strangely mixed up with witches and monkeys in my head.......