Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Putting My Life in Perspective

Today's Language Arts lesson involved reading a two page story about George Washington's life, then answering two pages of questions about what they'd just read.

I was sitting at the table eating lunch while Jared was finishing up his questions.

"Mom," he asked, "Was George Washington 67 when he died?"


"Mom," he asked, "Was George Washington 27 when he got married?"


"Mom," he asked, "Aren't you 43?"

"No, Jared, last week I turned 44."


"Mom, wasn't George Washington 43 when he became the commander of the Continental Army?"

Way to make my life look meaningless...

P.S. Russ said 15 year old Mormon leading all of the Nephite armies already made him feel like that!

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  1. Ha! Happy belated birthday by the way:) And yes, my kids would write back. They hit on the same problem. Send my your address so I can get them started and send off a Christmas card.