Tuesday, December 21, 2010


When you’ve got friends like these, you don’t need enemies!

December 2010 232

Jason’s friends planned a party to celebrate his coming home from college.  They kidnapped him this morning and took him to one of the houses for an afternoon of games & fun.  What great kids!

December 2010 235

Tonight while I was making dinner I had a really nostalgic Christmas CD in the background.  (It was Barry Manilow.  And I love Barry.  No one has a nose like Barry.  No one does a key change like Barry.  And few can make me feel nostalgic like Barry…)  As I was cooking and listening to the music I thought about our friends and how truly blessed we’ve been.  So tonight I’m sending out a message—to Jason’s friends, and to all our friends:

Merry Christmas.  We love you all, 
and our lives would not be the same without you. 


  1. I am glad it worked. I know they were all so excited to see him. Cute pictures.

  2. It was a pretty great surprise :D

  3. Fun friends! And speaking of friends, I have loved reconnecting with you through blogger. So SO thankful to have crossed paths with you in mortality... and to still be enjoying your 'company' across the miles! =)

  4. Very interesting that all his friends are girls.