Thursday, December 23, 2010

Let the Games Begin

Tonight Ken and Ann came up to play games.  Having just sorted and organized our games (and given away a bunch) it was easy to pick out a few to play.

December 2010 294

We started with Sequence (a perennial favorite) and then moved on to several intense games of Blokus 3D.  Think Tetris meets Blokus…

December 2010 288

Next was a game of Rummikub (the first game Russ & I bought after we were married!) where, as Russ put it succinctly, it sucked to be me.  I did actually win, though!

December 2010 290

After that I pulled out a game that we’ve never played with friends before, The Bucket King.  It’s kind of a quirky fun game, and I think Ken & Ann both liked it. 

December 2010 291

Next came a couple of fast rounds of Monopoly Deal.  I am sorry to say that Ken & I hardly showed up to play…it was pretty bad for us.

December 2010 292

Last of all, two rounds of No Thanks.  Still a favorite a year later—such a easy, fun, quick game to wrap things up with.

December 2010 293

This week has been much busier than we expected, but as of tonight…the holiday fun has begun!!!


  1. I'd missed nights like that :D

  2. It is fun! We played a game tonight too...there really are miracles! :) Have a wonderful Christmas!