Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Moments

December 2010 321 

Christmas morning started early.  6:55 to be precise; Josh could not wait any longer to see the xbox.

(We tell our kids they can’t wake us on Christmas morning before 7:00.  Josh’s rationale was that waking us up at 6:55 would give us time to brush teeth and go to the bathroom before 7:00, instead of after!)

December 2010 314

(yes, this is a picture of Josh kissing the xbox!)


Here are some other great moments of the day.


Everyone in their custom Snuggie.

December 2010 329

The girls were beyond excited to see notes from Santa telling them that they are going to both get a week at horse camp this spring.  (Hooray for Groupon’s half priced horse camp!)

December 2010 326

No, Jenna is not taller.  I just caught her jumping for joy.

Jared was delighted with his remote controlled helicopter since he’s asked for one for several years now.  Everyone else stood in a line to play with it.  The girls are trying to figure out how they can save enough money to buy their own.

December 2010 333

Jason and Rachel had fun making mini cupcakes in the new mini cupcake maker.  Though Jason was wishing he hadn’t mixed up the whole cake mix!

December 2010 353

I was happy and sad about what Santa brought me.  You see, for the 2nd year in a row Santa brought me a camera.  This time it was a camera to replace my long zoom camera because I dropped it in the sand at the beach this year.  I’m so happy to have a new camera—I’ve realized I just can’t live with only a 3x zoom.  But oh how I hated spending money to replace something that I ruined by just not thinking!!!  Thankfully Josh was able to get an incredible deal on a 10x camera at Target on black Friday.  And I did love being able to take close-up pics of birds at the feeders today, so that I can look the pictures up in my new bird book to see what kind they are.

December 2010 338

I believe this is a purple thrush.  And that what we called a purple thrush all summer is actually a house thrush. 

Last but not least…Santa brought Josh & I a massage cushion.  I don’t believe that the chair was EVER empty today!  I personally sat on it for long enough that my muscles are going to really hurt tomorrow.



After my nice nap the Rogersons and Ann came over for our annual mexican feast.  Sorry…no food pics this year, but it was all delicious.  After the food we pulled out the games.  They gave us a new game for Christmas called Likewise.  SUCH FUN!!!


And we gave them a new game too—Loaded Questions: Political Party.  We’ve always loved Loaded Questions, but the questions in this new version are so much more fun.  Tonight’s answers tended to be about Lindsay Lohan or viagra.  Sometimes in the same answer.



The perfect way to end our beautiful Christmas Day was….with snow!  Can you believe this is the 3rd or 4th time we’ve had snow this year?!? 

December 2010 360

December 2010 362

December 2010 356

December 2010 359

I hope your Christmas day was full of love and laughter too!

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  1. It looks like a wonderful Christmas. I like the "snuggies."