Friday, December 3, 2010

I'm Back! And So is the Furnace Repairman...

The Good News:  Thanks to the incredible generosity of one of Russ's co-workers, I have a computer again.  Bob & his lovely wife Cheryl are now tops on my list!  And my kids have been good sports about sharing with me...

The Bad News:  You got it, sports fans.  We're 0/3 on the furnace as of this morning.  I came downstairs to 60 degrees once again, and called the heating/air company for the fifth time.  When the (I'm sure nice) man answered the phone and asked how he could help me, I know I was slightly less than polite.  And it didn't help that every time I've called he's mispronounced the name of my street!

The repairman showed up after lunch, and after a long time he and Russ (who was working from home) figured out that the furnace was installed incorrectly this summer, without a drain.  Apparently there's a lot of condensation involved with a furnace, and when there's no drain things just shut down.  Over and over again. 

There's a temporary fix in place now that involves Russ having to empty a bucket periodically.  And I'm good with that.  As long as 1) I don't have to go into the crawl space myself, and 2) my house is warm in the morning...

Here's hoping!

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  1. How does anyone mispronounce the name of your street!? So glad it's working now and you don't have to freeze every morning!