Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Got Games?

I’m coughing like a crazy person, but other than that (and the resulting loss of sleep) I feel SO much better.  This afternoon the I persuaded the kids that before Christmas could come, we had to sort through all the games.

ALL the games.

Now for some families, that might mean two or three or twelve games.

This is what it meant for us.

December 2010 144



We sort our games into several catagories.  Group, traditional, two-player, 2-5 player, and kids.  We went through each category and decided which games we don’t play and made a big stack to give away. 

But this was the interesting thing.  We have several games that I really have no desire to play, yet I feel strange about getting rid of them.  For example; we have a very nice Monopoly set.  It’s in a neat tin, it has great holders for everything.  I still don’t want to play it.  We have 20 games that I’d choose in a heartbeat to play before Monopoly.  And yet I feel some kind of obligation to keep Monopoly.

As we put the games back, we tried a variation on a trick I read in an organization book last week.  We put all the games in upside down.  As we play them, we will put them away right side up.  Any games still upside down a year from now…will have to find new homes.

Something tells me that Monopoly game’s days are numbered…


P.S.  After going through all of the games I have a huge stack that need to be played ASAP so we can decide if we really want them.  And I decided that Santa isn’t bringing any new games this year.  (Except for S’Quarrels, which was invented by our friend Megan’s husband!)


  1. That picture makes me really happy :D

  2. I am continually confused by your collection of monopoly games when nobody plays it!!! (That said.... I'm so tempted by that Harry Potter Clue!)

  3. Hurray for S'Quarrels making the cut! =D You really weren't kidding when you said you were a game-playing family! That is quite the stack.

    I feel the same way about Monopoly, though I really like Monopoly Jr. {maybe because it's a little less cut-throat?} We actually got a nice used copy of it through freecycle that will be under our tree this year so I can introduce it to our children. =) Because of some product swaps at ChiTAG, games are going to be the majority of our gifts this year. =D

  4. What is it about my personality that I just don't like playing games? I did play them some as a kid- but even then, I liked the simple ones, like connect four. Fortunately I don't mind other people playing around me, and just sitting and talking

  5. Why is it at christmas we always get an urge to de-junk when there is so much to do. I'm with you -- I have a hard time throwing out games. And puzzles even though most of my folks have moved on from those.

  6. Funny, isn't it? I hate Monopoly...but, it's the one game Laurin & Ben play willingly. Go figure. :) I hate to get rid of games...'casue we play them SO much. haha.

  7. Your picture is my future. I can feel it ;)

  8. Oh my games! No wonder why you are sending some to us!!! Wowzers!