Monday, December 6, 2010

Early Snow

When Josh came home from school on Friday and told me there might be snow on Saturday I didn’t get my hopes up.  After all, here in North Carolina most winter weather warnings don’t ever really materialize, and it was the beginning of December.  I don’t know that we’ve had snow in early December in the 15 years we’ve lived here. 

Saturday afternoon I went out with my scissors to cut the foliage off of my mostly frozen gerbers.  I did not expect to see this.

D 2010 (9)


After a few minutes big flakes were coming down fast. 

December 2010 001

The girls were so excited that they ran out and danced in the snow, trying to catch flakes on their tongues. 

D 2010

Later they scraped snow off the deck benches to make snow sculptures.  Jenna made a puppy.  (Sorry—snow sculptures apparently don’t photography with enough contrast!)

December 2010 006

I think Rachel’s was a bunny.

December 2010 010

They also made a pretty big snowman with great accessories from our snowman kit.

December 2010 032

When night came it was still snowing strong.

December 2010 012

In the morning I woke up and looked out to a winter wonderland.  It was so beautiful!

December 2010 014

I grabbed my camera and my coat and ran outside to take some pictures.  Yes, in my pajamas.

December 2010 018

December 2010 015

December 2010 020

December 2010 019

When I walked down from the deck I was greeted by this cute boy,

December 2010 022

and these cute girls.  (Who are having a problem smiling for the camera lately!)

December 2010 025

Yes, all three were out in their pajamas.  They are obviously my children!


I walked around the yard taking pictures.  Here is a picture of my most frustrating plant from this last summer—a beautiful vine that never EVER had flowers until the last few weeks!  What’s up with that??

December 2010 086

Here is our lovely dogwood tree (a favorite of both squirrels and children) in the front of the house.

December 2010 054

When I had surveyed all the loveliness in our yard,

December 2010 041

I went inside, changed into clothes, and persuaded Russ to come for a walk around the block with me.  This was the sight that greeted us as we looked down the street.

December 2010 055

It was a lovely walk.

December 2010 045

I had to laugh, though.  When it snows in Rexburg Cindy Lynn gets these really great pictures.  I was so frustrated at why I was having a hard time taking pictures, and then I realized that it’s because there are so many trees here, they seem to all blur together.  I’ll live with it, because I love the trees!

December 2010 065

What a fun way to start our winter.  There wasn’t enough to sled, so we will snow again later.  But it was definitely enough to get us excited for Christmas!

December 2010 077


  1. This makes me miss all the NC trees!

  2. Dear Jason's mom,
    Jason hasn't posted anything on his blog recently, so I decided to check out his blog links. I just wanted to say that I am very impressd with your photography skills and that the view down your street is gorgeous. :)

    Sincerely Jason's friend,
    Lauren Fine

  3. Love the picture of the dogwood tree in front of your house! My kids were so disappointed when it all melted the next day... :)